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About Us

I have been an artist for a long time.  I just did not have the courage to put my work out there for everyone until now.  A recent health scare, the pandemic, and the perspective of grandchildren have all helped move me to the creation of TroutMountainWorks.

I was classically trained and have experience with a wide range of media including oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, sculpture and illustration.  Until recently I only did work for family, friends, and myself.  Now I want to bring my work to others who share a passion for the outdoors and artwork that brings a smile.

I was fortunate to travel North America extensively while hunting and fishing.  But it is not the animals or fish that I remember most, it is the images, the mountains, the rivers, trees, flowers, rocks, northern lights, colors and textures, that I hold dear.  From the Torngat Mountains in Labrador to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, from the Salmon rivers of Bristol Bay Alaska to the Zane Grey Bar in Islamorada Florida, I have a lifetime of photographs to help me paint and to inspire me going forward.  Like Carl Rungius, my art hero, from a hundred years ago, I work from photographs and when I am not outside, I am in my studio.

With the assistance of my sons, Andrew and John, we hope to make TroutMountainWorks a memorable experience for you and for us.  Inspired by the outdoors and all its wonders, we are providing creations for the outdoor enthusiast.  Thanks for visiting with us.

Michael Weber